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What a year!

This year has flown by! I haven't posted since March because I have been so busy that I haven't had the chance to take photos. So this post will be a summary of what we have done since March.
Term 1 Art Rainforest SilhouettesIn Term 1 we were studying a Primary Connections unit - Plants in action. We linked it to our Geography outcome (The main characteristics of the continents of Africa and South America and the location of their major countries in relation to Australia(ACHASSK087)) and learnt about rainforests in Africa and South America.

These silhouette pictures were created with a dry brush technique for the green background, then the silhouettes were drawn on black paper and cut out to glue onto the background. The 'jungle vine' border was re-used from a baby shower I hosted for my best friend (which was again re-used by a Year 3 teacher for a drama presentation at Arts Fest). Some of these artworks were more effective than others, but I think they all look fantast…