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How to set up a Writer's Notebook

Last year, I was introduced to Writer's Notebook and was lucky enough to observe my colleagues teaching several Writer's Notebook sessions. For my next post about WN, I thought I would give you the low down on how I set up my Writer's Notebooks.
Where to Start: Type of bookThe students in our school get a premium scrapbook as part of their book pack.  I discovered last year that it is actually important to get a premium scrapbook, as I ended up having to glue pages together to prevent my work going through to the other side. Your starting point is the scrapbook. Get a decent one! Once you have that sorted, then proceed to cover your scrapbook. Remember, a Writer's Notebook is a book 'where you have the freedom to decorate the cover'.

This is how my WN from 2013 looked:

As you can see, it's quite simple. I used some marbled paper I had bought for bookbinding and then cut some stars from some wrapping paper to decorate it. I used my usual name labels for identif…