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How to celebrate the end of Term 1

Tomorrow is the last day of Term 1 and it's cause to celebrate! My Year 4 students have managed to survive their kooky teacher for a whole term. Well done!
My whole class behaviour management strategy this term was based on Mr Potato Head. This is he, in all his glory:

My students had to earn each part of Mr Potato Head through this term. There are 2 arms, 2 ears, a hat, nose, moustache, tongue, eyes and glasses adding to a total of 10 parts. As we had 10 weeks this term, I thought that an average of 1 part a week was achievable. Luckily for my students, it was! Our reward for earning all the potato parts is a movie afternoon with popcorn. I'll give my class a choice of the G rated movies I have (because we like choices!).
The other thing I like to do is give my students a little Easter gift. It's generally something small, like a small Easter egg, a fluffy chick and a novelty eraser. This year I went to Pinterest for inspiration and found this pin. I followed it further to g…