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My Thanksgiving

Those of you who know me are probably aware that I am going to the U.S. this week. Funny story: in 2010, a case of mistaken identity ended up with my husband Matt being invited to Thanksgiving by a family we didn't know. A quirky reply email actually got a response - a real invite! Apparently the family who invited us appreciated Matt's sense of humour and thought he was worth inviting to the annual family gathering.
We couldn't actually go in 2010 and regretfully declined. For various reasons, we were also unable to attend Thanksgiving in 2011 and 2012. So we decided that 2013 was the year we made it to the U.S. for Thanksgiving. There are only 4 days now before we leave, and we are both in the midst of preparations.
Thanksgiving with an Australian classAs it is only Week 6 of Term 4 in Canberra, I will be taking Long Service Leave to attend Thanksgiving. I thought it might be nice for my class (who will be having a relief teacher for the time I am away) to learn more about…

Arts Festival

Yesterday was our school's first Arts Festival. Although I am really tired, I wanted to share some of the creations we made to display in this showcase of visual art, music, drama and dance! There was so much going on yesterday it's hard to do it all justice. I'm going to concentrate on my little piece of the Arts Festival, and try to get some pictures of the rest of the celebrations for another post.
Each student needed to be involved in a performance of some kind (we did a dance video and a musical performance using percussion instruments and singing), display an artwork in the Art Gallery and have a lantern to hang from the rafters of our outdoor seating areas.
Artworks - Bug's Eye ViewI took on the challenge of leading the art component, including the lanterns for both my class and my teaching partner's class. That meant I had 50 artworks and 50 lanterns to help students create... it was a close call, but with a lot of assistance, we made it in the end!
As it's…