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Mosaics Revisited

Last Wednesday, I went back to visit my old school. Tracey, my lovely ex-teaching partner and mosaic guru, invited me back to help teach some of the parents mosaicking techniques to create a mural for an outside planter box at the front of the school. We used pictures that the students created inspired by a beautiful Ngunnawal (local indigenous group) story. 

Here are some 'in progress' photos of three of the four panels we were working on. (I can't use some of my photos because they identify people.) 
There will eventually be twelve panels in all, telling the whole story around the planter box.

Before the evening started, I was taken to the wall where last year's mosaics were displayed. These mosaics were the ones that Tracey and I frantically finished in the last week of the year, and I unfortunately was not there when they were put up. Here's the original post about the mosaics. Here are the pictures I quickly snapped while I was there.

I was impressed with how fanta…

This term so far...

Let's face it: schools are busy places. We have just finished Week 7 of Term 3, with only 3 more weeks to go. It has been a hive of excitement in Year 2, with plenty more to come.
Literacy and Numeracy WeekWeek 2 was Literacy and Numeracy Week. My school chose to celebrate this by having a 'Poem in our Pocket'. Each class chose a poem or wrote a poem to share with their buddy classes. We chose A.A. Milne's Sneezles to share with our buddies. I chose this poem because of the delightful made-up language, which linked to our novel study on The BFGby Roald Dahl. We studied and practised the poem, then read it aloud to students in Year 1 and Year 3. The loveliest part of this was the amount of students who came into school with more A.A. Milne poems to share with the class after our 'Poem in our Pocket' was shared.

(BrickExpoThis isn't really school related, but something else that kept me busy this term! At the end of Week 3, I was an exhibitor at  Canberra's…

The BFG: Dream Jars, Dictionary and a FREEBIE

I'll start off with a warning: I love children's literature! One of my all time favourite authors is Roald Dahl. I just love the wonderful characters, the quirky made-up language and the tales of small children overcoming insurmountable odds. I really enjoy sharing my love of these tales with my classes. We started reading The BFG last term, and we are really enjoying hearing about snozzcumbers, frobscottle and the most amusing by far, whizzpoppers
DreamsIf you have never read The BFG, here's a synopsis.  We are up to the 14th chapter: Dreams. In this chapter, The BFG describes the dreams to Sophie. There are two main kinds of dreams, Golden Phizzwizards(good dreams) and Trogglehumpers (nightmares).
After reading this chapter, we created our own dream jars filled with either a Golden Phizzwizard or a Trogglehumper. Here's a photo of our dream jars all displayed on the window together.
Some of the dream jars were filled with interesting dreams. 

The class had fun creating …