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Writer's Notebook and Evernote

It has been quite a while since I last updated this blog. We have been busy, busy, busy at school to the point where I have so much I want to share, but not enough time to share it... oh, the dilemma!
EvernoteRecently, my two teaching partners and I have started to use Evernote to collaboratively create and share lesson plan ideas. To set this up, at least one of you needs a premium account to invite the others to use the shared notebooks. Once that is done, you can all edit and see the notebooks wherever and whenever you want. When inspiration strikes, one might say. So here's a screenshot of our shared Evernote notebook:

We can add text, images, links and photos of our Evernote Moleskine notebooks to this notebook and access it from our phones, tablet PC or iPad (I'm the Android user, the odd one out...), desktop computers or our Smartboards. 
Writer's NotebookAt the beginning of the year, we were using an A2 size sketchbook as our sample Writer's Notebook where we sup…