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Paper Plane Flight School

On Friday 21st June, we had our Paper Plane Flight School for all of Year 2 (approximately 75 students). Basically we took an investigation from the iMaths program (Investigation 7: Up, up and away) and made a fun day of it. The first step was to organise themselves into groups of three or four and then follow a procedure to create 2 types of paper plane, a dart and a glider. We then asked the students to create a modified plane. Each group ended up with 3 paper planes to fly in the flight test area (our school's gym).
After construction the of the paper planes came the testing. We took our flight school cadets to the flight test area and allowed them some practice flights before the real testing began. The planes were flown, essential data was documented and further testing commenced.  Coincidentally, our Paper Plane Flight School was held on the same day as the school's Pyjama Day to fund-raise for Missing School. Which I hope explains the interesting attire of the students (a…

Mentoring Preservice Teachers

Busy, Busy, Busy!Recently I have been incredibly busy - both at home and at school. Due to this, I haven't had a chance to post about my teaching intern and the things I learnt about mentoring along the way. As this was my first time mentoring an intern, I felt like I was learning so much alongside her.

Teaching InternDuring this term, I have had a preservice teacher from the local university complete her teaching internship. I had a bit of an 'old teacher' moment when I reflected on the length of my internship (8 weeks) and the 4 weeks that are expected now. It seems like a short amount of time, but we made the most of it.

The BeginningMy intern was very proactive and ensured that she came in to visit the school before her internship commenced, meeting the deputy principal, myself and 2H.  She wrote a note to introduce herself to the 2H parent community and actively sought programs and planning documents to assist her in 'getting straight to work' when she starte…