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What is a Writer's Notebook?

What is a Writer's Notebook?Good question! I was thinking the same thing when I first arrived at my new school.  The 'official' notes I was given describe a Writer's Notebook as a book: in which writers unpack individual ideas as seeds for writing and shape those ideas into a topic and text type,designed to collect personal thoughts, ideas and observations,that allows you the opportunity to explore topics of interest and passion,where you can unpack your thinking explicitly by using graphic organisers,that provides a structure to investigate and choose appropriate text types,that supports you in making decisions about your writing because you have ownership of topics and text types,that provides authentic assessment opportunities, as you are choosing a text type to suit your audience and purpose,where you have the freedom to decorate the cover.
After reading all that, I felt that I understood the concept a little better. I tried my first Writer's Notebook lesson.
The …