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Classroom Photos: Start of the Year

Moving to a new school is always a daunting task. After five years in the same place, I managed to accumulate a vast array of 'important' papers, folders, books and teaching resources. I also inherited quite a few things from teachers who were retiring or leaving the profession. This created quite a lot of stuff which needed to be moved from my old school, transported to my home where it could be sorted and organised (or recycled, given away or binned) and then finally moved into my new teaching space.
Here are photos of part of the sorting process and the mess it created. Yes, that's right, two rooms in our house were filled with my teaching junk (as my husband calls it).

So, once all the sorting and re-packing was done, I had to take it into my new school. At my new school, I have no teacher office to store all my things in. To make up for this, the lovely staff at my school found a barely used cupboard and moved it to my room just for little old me! I felt very spoilt!

The Night before School Starts

Look Out!
The witches mumble horrid chants, You're scolded by five thousand aunts, A Martian pulls a fearsome face And hurls you into Outer Space, You're tied in front of whistling trains, A tomahawk has sliced your brains, The tigers snarl, the giants roar, You're sat on by a dinosaur. In vain you're shouting "Help" and "Stop", The walls are spinning like a top, The earth is melting in the sun And all the horror's just begun. And, oh, the screams, the thumping hearts That awful night before school starts. Max Fatchen
I found this poem while I was sorting out all my school things during the holidays. So I said to myself, "I'll put this in a safe place til I need it." Then I promptly forgot where that safe place was. Thankfully I found it again, so I could share some of the terror that accompanies the night before school starts. The terror of wondering if your students will like you, the fear that you haven't planned enough for the first day or…