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The End

Yesterday was my final day at the school I'd been working at for 5 years. Throughout my time there, I taught, learnt, laughed and cried. My last day was a blur of packing and tidying so I didn't really have time to get sad about leaving. I have very fond memories of my time there, particularly of my time as a "mosaic apprentice".

The Mosaics My fabulous teaching partner, Tracey, is an incredibly talented person. She introduced me to the wonderful world of mosaic art and trained me to create amazing mosaics with the students. On Thursday we frantically grouted the last in a series of four mosaics we'd been working on for the whole year. Our theme was Fantasy Garden, and we had students from Kindergarten to Year 6 submit their designs.
These are the finished pieces, ready to be displayed in the school.

We used a variety of materials to create these: tiles, mirror, wishing stones, beads and dice. The students designed them, chose a lot of the colours, pieced the tiles …