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Harry Potter and the Myers-Briggs Personality Types

I have mentioned this once or twice before: I work with an amazing bunch of educators. They put up with my crazy ideas and plans with aplomb and grace.
My latest crazy obsession was finding out which Harry Potter character reflected my teaching partners' personalities. Because, internet procrastinating is where I'm at!

If you know your Myers-Briggs personality type, check it out! The Harry Potter Character For Your Myers-Briggs Type.
If, like me, you have done the Myers-Briggs test so long ago you have forgotten your letters, have a go here: 16 Personalities
What I really liked about this one is the holistic approach to the character profile. It absolutely can be used to discover more about your colleagues and their working habits and preferences. It can also be helpful for understanding your partner, friends and family.
I made a lot of my colleagues, my prac student, friends and my husband do the test, and discovered that I have many a "Remus Lupin" in my life, q…

Daiso for Teachers

This is my haul from my trip to Daiso. It was only my second visit to Daiso (my first being when I stumbled upon the one in Chadstone Shopping Centre in Victoria), but unlike my first visit, this time I was prepared!
I love bargains, and these goodies only cost $2.80AUD each! Timers I got three liquid timers and one traditional sand timer (3 minutes). These ones were purchased for a special needs student I am going to have this year, as a way of helping them calm down. I'm sure there'll be other students who will enjoy watching them, too. I certainly do! Magnets I get frustrated by how I never seem to have a magnet handy when I need it, so these magnet strips are going up on my whiteboard where I can access them when I need to. I haven't tested them yet, so I don't know how much weight they can hold. Sticky Notes I do love a cute sticky note. I use these sorts of things all the time! Cleaning Mitten I know - this is seriously random! I saw its cute little hedgehog fac…

2018 Classroom Set-up (Part 1)

As 2017 comes to a close, I have been planning what my 2018 classroom will look like. I have moved across the corridor and now have to wait til school reopens to get in and sort out my stuff.
In the meantime, I am using Pinterest to gather ideas and plan.
2017 Classroom

My 2017 classroom was Harry Potter themed, and my class were The Wizards. Searching through my photos, I realised that I have no decent photos of my class set-up for 2017. (I need to rectify this for my 2018 classroom!)
For our HP theme, we created self-portraits as wizards and witches, I had flying keys hanging from the ceiling, 'Scabbers' was hidden throughout the room (the kiddos loved finding him and returning him to the whiteboard), there were owls, Hogwarts teachers (Pop Vinyl figures of Dumbledore and McGonagall), and Fluffy made an appearance at the end of the year. I also had fairy lights around the ceiling which made the class sparkle!
As much as I loved the classroom theme (not so much the notoriety…

Arts Fest 2017

This year's Arts Festival went off with a bang! We had gorgeous weather (unlike the storm of 2015) and so much more to share. Along with the usual outdoor stage, the indoor stage, the Art Gallery, lantern trail and sculpture garden, we included a photography competition. We had performances from every year level, as well as Year 5 & Year 6 bands,  Year 3/4 recorder ensemble, Rock Band, senior, junior and Japanese choirs, Dance Nation and the teaching staff even got up and performed their rendition of the classic, MMMBop.
As always, I was so busy through the night that I didn't get many pictures. The photos I did get were taken before everything got started! Art Gallery This year, I was responsible for collating, collecting and displaying the hundreds of artworks created by students for our Art Gallery.

I am consistently impressed with the creative and gorgeous art that my colleagues support their students to make. Here's a sampling of over 1,200 artworks that I, along…

Acting Exec. and my Google Project

Acting Executive Teacher I have been teaching for over 10 years now. Never in all that time have I seriously considered becoming an executive teacher, mainly because there are so many more capable and qualified people surrounding me that I never thought I'd be considered. In late Term 2, I applied for an acting executive position at another school, which focused mainly on ICT, Google and Chromebooks (one of my passions).
Later, in Term 3, my principal asked for expressions of interest for acting in an executive teacher role while our exec teacher was on long service leave. I was hesitant to apply, as my last application had not been successful, but was convinced by an enthusiastic colleague to put in my expression of interest at the eleventh hour.
To my utmost surprise, I got the position. Three weeks of acting executive teacher, working with the Year 5/6 team, supporting staff with Google and Chromebooks AND staffing. I was responsible for making sure all the classroom teachers …

RoboCup Junior

This Saturday, my school participated in the regional competition for RoboCup Junior. This was the first time in quite a few years that the school has been involved, and we were living up to some incredibly high standards - in the past our school had brought back trophies for their impressive efforts.

My school decided to participate in the Rescue division based on advice from Jim Riley, the ACT RoboCup Junior Chair. This involves following a line through obstacles to rescue a victim in a 'chemical spill'.

Both Caren and myself, teacher-mentors for our three robotics teams, went into the competition with the expectation that we would have a go, have fun and learn a lot about how the competition worked for future improvement. And that expectation was fulfilled! We. Learnt. SO. Much!

We discovered that students in Years 3-6 can persevere and problem solve. We also found out that children get hangry and need regular feeding (who would have thought?!) in order to be able to cope w…

Google Drop-in Sessions

Google Educator Level 2 I have recently completed training for my Google Educator Level 2 certification. After two weeks (in stand down) of hard studying, I was #superexcited to pass the exam and get my next Googly certification!

I took five pages of notes while studying and I have actually referred back to my notes when trying something out at school.

Google Drop-in Sessions To make the most use of my new knowledge, I have volunteered my time each fortnight to help my colleagues with their Googly questions. So far I've hosted three sessions, and have shared several apps, extensions and websites.

The idea behind the drop-in sessions was that people could pop in, ask a question and go (as I am acutely aware that we are all time-poor with a million demands on that time).
Session #1 In the first session, I had 5 people come in and chat. It was a great experience for me, as I was asked questions I didn't know the answers to and had to learn on the fly. I also loved how collegiate t…